Get The Look

You don't have to live in a warm climate to decorate your home like a beach house. Living in Cape Breton we are never far from the beach. We're literally surrounded by coastline on our beautiful little Island. Whether you're renovating your home or your summer cottage, the colour pallet of the beach translates into any season. If you paint your walls and cupboards blue and white like a rolling ocean, those colours will still compliment the snowy view out your window in the winter. Orange is the complimentary colour to blue, so the beautiful fall leaves framed in your windows view during Fall will also compliment your interior design, as will the orange pumpkins you just carved 

How to get the look

To get the beach look you should use lots of natural fibres and textures to bring the outdoors inside. You should also bring as much outdoor light in as possible.  

To get the look, you should have:

 1. shades of blue, beige, and green

2. natural textiles such as wood, whicker, and bamboo

3. bright whites

4. plants

5. linen 

You can get this by:

· installing hardwood, laminate, or a fiber floor with a wood finish 

· decorating with wood furniture 

· weathered decorations and furniture 

· hanging artwork depicting summer scenes 

· use lots of white

· pot lush green plants.

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Weathered  wood mimics drift wood, boardwalks, and wharfs.  The sun bleaches and the ocean leaves a salty residue on anything in touches. Raw, weathered and white-washed woods are ideal to create a beachy look



No two beaches are the same. Different lighting, different water, and even weather conditions can make the colour palette of a beach change. Pick a beach inspired colour swatch and stick to those colours for a cohesive look. For example, pick an ocean (Atlantic, Caribbean, etc.) and pick a time of day (sunrise, midday, sunset)


Natural Textiles

Decorate with natural fibres such as whicker baskets or chairs,  colourful plants, fruit, wood, linen, etc.