Emerald green is the colour of rain forests, pine trees, grassy fields and golf courses. decorating with a generous amount of emerald green gives you the feeling of being outdoors. Emerald green looks stunning next to wood textures and gold accents

To get the look, you should have:

1. wood floors

2. wood furniture

3. gold accents

4. large leafy plants

5. variety of fabrics such as velvet

6. accent colour

You can get this by:

· Installing a wood floor 

·  If you want to be bold, you can paint your walls emerald green to compliment your wood floors 

· you could also paint an accent wall emerald green and the others white

· decorate with wood furniture 

· decorate with emerald green blankets, throw pillows, shower curtain, etc. 

· a current trend is to decorate with a large emerald green velvet sofa

· pot lots of lush green plants 

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Accent Colours

Emerald green  pops next to many colours but the trending combination is emerald green and dusty pink



Wood is a natural accent to emerald green because the two are found together in nature



Traditional rugs with rich red and orange hues  accent emerald green beautifully. Browse our selection of area rugs for your perfect match