Subway tiles

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The “subway” ceramic tiles appear in the stations and corridors of the Paris metro at the beginning of the 20th century. The white colour chosen at the time facilitated the lighting of these places. The most iconic underground subway system has to be the London Underground. Londoners and tourists appreciate the godsend that is the London underground because it quickly and conveniently filters millions of people across the beautiful and historic city. Commuting on the tube is a daily ritual for millions so it makes sense people would eventually want subway tiles installed in their home. Maybe it's nostalgia, maybe it's just estetic. Either way, it's a simple look to achieve and subway tiles come in a variety of sizes, glosses, textures, and finishes.

To get the look, you should have:

1.  a large to medium sized wall to create the pattern

2.  lots of subway tiles

You can get this look by:

· tiling a shower

· tiling a bathroom sink backsplash

· tiling a wall behind a tub to prevent  water damage from splashing

· tiling a kitchen wall

· tiling underneath a kitchen island

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Classic White

Our showroom has a variety of subway tiles in both matted and  glossy finishes



Tile grout comes in a variety of colours. Darker grouts can make white tiles pop, but it can also show imperfections. For example, walls can bend and warp as a house settles in (this is normal) tiling a warped wall with a darker grout can highlight these imperfections



We offer a selection of glossy tiles. Click below to view one of our favourite lines from our supplier