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Marble is a stone favoured by Roman and Greek architects and sculptors. Marble has a look that's classic, clean, bright, and expensive. Real marble is very heavy and porous which means it's susceptible to stains and can be scratched fairly easily and weakened by acidic liquids like juice from lemons and vegetables if not properly sealed. Luckily, modern technology allows us to engineer products to look like marble while making them more durable and versatile. This allows us to get the marble look without worrying about the cost or stress of damaging the stone

How to get the look

Ancient architecture is stunning and marble was often used by architects to cover entire rooms and buildings. These designs took years to complete and their value is priceless. You can achieve this look today quickly and without spending a fortune. Floor to ceiling marble is often used in commercial spaces like hotel lobbies. You can get this look without breaking the bank by using a combination of products to give the impressions of marble. Each slab of marble is different and typically has a few shades of colour. You can match the base colour of your marble tile to a less expensive tile to dilute the cost.  This is beautiful in a commercial space but it might not create the warm, cozy, feeling you want in your home. To  get the marble look at home, you should add warm colour and textures to offset the cold feeling from the hard, white marble 

To get the look, you should have:

Commercial space

1.  large tiles with a marble pattern

2. smaller tiles for framing and adding creative design

3. white or metal accent pieces

4. proper lighting 

Residential space:

1. cover a large surface with a marble-looking product 

4. warm textures and colours to offset the cold feeling marble

5. proper lighting

You can get this by:

Commercial space

· painting the walls white or a shade of colour from your marble tile. You can also use commercial grade wallpaper to achieve this

· tile a large area of the room with the marble tiles or a combination of marble and solid accent tiles. A large space could be the floor, or a portion of the floor, wall, or reception desk. 

· to save money, you could use a solid tile for the floors and border the room with marble accent tiles or create a mosaic inlay at the centre of the room or entrance way.

· tile a feature area like a fireplace, reception desk, fountain, accent wall, sitting area, etc.

· use silver and gold elements to create an expensive look 

· decorate with real or faux leather furniture

Residential space 

· use a marble-looking product to cover a large space such as a floor, wall, kitchen island, shower, etc.

· use white tiles and accent the tile with a marble backsplash or mosaic in your kitchen, shower, or entryway. 

· tile a fireplace

· add warm fabrics, colours, or textures to make the space cozy and inviting

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Mix and match tile sizes and shapes to create a unique design for your home



The look of marble can be replicated by other stones and can also be manufactured using affordable materials to give the appearance of marble. These engineered products can be glossy and hard like marble or matted, cushioned, and durable. Marble finishes come in tile, LVT, and fiber flooring. Click below to see how you can get the marble look on a budget


Colour Temperature

Marble can be strictly white and grey or it can have a hint of beige. Be carful when mixing different products to make sure they are the same colour temperature.