Moroccan Bazaar

Moroccan style decor

Bold colours, patterns, and design

50 shades of grey

50 shades of grey style guide

Crisp whites and matted greys

Subway, not the sandwich

our style guide outlines how to use subway tiles in your design

Inspired by the underground subway systems of London, England and New York, New York

Beachy Keen

beach inspired decor from our style guide

Decorate your home so every day feels like a day at the beach

Classic Marble

get the classic marble look with the help of our style guide

The look of marble can be replicated by other stones and can also be manufactured using affordable materials to give the appearance of marble. These engineered products can be glossy and hard like marble or matted, cushioned, and durable

Emerald Green

use emerald green in your next renovation with help from our style guide

Deep emerald green is the colour of pine trees, lush tropical forests, and grassy fields. Bring nature indoors by decorating with emerald green walls, cupboards, rugs, throw blankets, and tiles

All About Area Rugs


A guide for choosing the perfect area rug